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Accommodating hydraulic resistance is concentric (positive) exercise only; there is no eccentric loading of muscles, thereby reducing muscle soreness.

The smooth fluid resistance reduces stress on joints and soft tissue.

For years, strength-training machines were built with no specialintent beyond making muscles bigger and stronger by allowing the userto work against resistance.

Then a few of the more thoughtfulathletes and trainers realized that the ability of a muscle torapidly generate maximum force involves a time/rate dependency thattheir current training technology was unable to address adequately. Eventually four categories ofdevice could be discerned (Hatfield et al.,1999): Most sport scientists agree that machines are generally inferiorto the constant resistance provided by free weights.

The Aerobic Platform is double the size of a single jogging board and measures 30x60 inches; perfect for floor exercises too.

Aero Strength has accomodating fluid resistance that strengthens opposing muslce groups with concentric contractions.

By Chris Beardsley, S&C Research columnist Conventional weight training, which can be done with either free weights or machines, is the most well-researched training method for improving athletic ability.

Reviewed by: William J Kraemer Ph D, Human Performance Laboratory, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana 47306; Steven S Plisk, MS CSCS, Director of Sports Conditioning, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520 A new strength-training machine allows the user to instantly change resistance at any point in the exercise movement.In other words, strength gains are external load type-specific.This specificity likely arises largely because the different external load types involve different (1) points where in the exercise range of motion the load is highest, and (2) velocities for a given relative load.External load types include pneumatic resistance, elastic resistance, weights (including free weights, chains, and machines), and dynamometers (which use magnets).All of these can be used to produce slightly different levels of externally-applied force at different points in the exercise range of motion.

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It's been used in nursing homes, assisted living centers, inpatient hospital rehabilitation, outpatient physical therapy, chiropractic care, sport injury rehab, and wellness centers.

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