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At Opt we care about the healthy sexuality of all British Columbians.

We offer sexual and reproductive health care, information, and education from a feminist, pro-choice, sex positive perspective.

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That help don't consider but we like the having casual sex without a condom, the ability to use perform.Here's a thought experiment: when is the last time you walked into a coffee shop and heard people discussing fetishes, sex toys, masturbation, pornography, anal sex, medication and sexuality, polyamory, boundaries, dirty talk or the politics of orgasm?Every Sunday, in the conference room of a coffee shop on Vancouver's North Shore, participants as young as 20 or as old as 70 and 80 engage in frank, informal and non-judgmental conversation on these topics and more.If you want reliable sexual health services and support provided non-judgmentally and confidentially, you've come to the right place.If you want comprehensive, unbiased information on all your reproductive choices talk to us.

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