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Mawdryn Undead tells viewers that the Brigadier retired from UNIT in 1976.However, the events of The Invasion, the first story in which UNIT properly appears, approximately occurred in 1979.I’m a huge Sarah Jane Smith aficionado; I could tell you everything you want to know and more about that character. Why I love Doctor Who: Simply put, I think it’s an extraordinary show.

The Brigadier states the Yeti saga The Web of Fear took place 'nearly four years ago', but this is a subjective recollection rather than a precise statement of fact.

Doctor Who series 8 kicks off tonight at 7.50pm on BBC One.

A compilation of single Whovians who are looking to connect with others who share the same interests!

There’s also a ‘My Whovian’ feature that ensures you won’t end up with anyone who doesn’t share your favourite Doctor and companion… Although Whovian Companions only launched earlier this month, there’s already 190 members looking for someone dalektable (yes – we went there) to spend their TV time with.

In all, Brit Box will stream more than 550 of the show's episodes.

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also i shows that there can be anything in the world outside our solar system can you just imagine all the wonderful thing there are to explore and all the adventures that are just sitting there waiting for someone to have them.

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