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My Christmas tree consists of the old screw in Christmas lights, and tinsel.Old fashioned Christmas decorations are mostly large tarnished glass ornaments.Chances are you or your friends might be able to come up with less than 5 Palindromes off the top of your head.The following is a list of 59 single dictionary words that spell the same backwards as they do forwards.non Noon nun pap Peep Pip pop Pup racecar radar redder refer reifier To regard or treat (an abstraction) as if it had concrete or material existence.

The green outgrowth around the train track folds over during full bloom, creating the illusion of a tunnel.

To me, an “Old Fashioned Christmas Tree” is not a live Christmas tree with wooden antique looking toys or home-made craft decorations, as it is to so many others.

Although decades before my time, to me it’s a 1940’s Christmas tree.

Users of the site claim to have found, for instance, that some of the people involved in the case may have had more connections to it than was previously thought.

One of the forensic scientists involved in Avery’s conviction had been involved in a previous charge where he was later proven innocent, and had testified there that DNA evidence had proven he was guilty.

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Reddit users claim to have found huge amounts of new information about the Steven Avery murder case, covered in Netflix’s new Making a Murderer.

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