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Once you listen to the video, it’s clear that he plans to spend a huge amount of the scrotum project, but who knows why.

After being denied a “happy ending” at a South Carolina massage business, an aggrieved customer took matters into his own hands, according to cops who are searching for the sexual exposure suspect.

Even though both guys know about each other and are complete opposites, jealousy ...

See full summary » Jordan Donavan, a photographer in New York, is so disappointed when after five years of going steady Edward Morgan offers her not marriage but just to move in with him, that she accepts the...

The suspect then sat on a bench and “pulled his penis out” and began masturbating in front of the masseuse.

The man demanded that the victim look at him while “he was conducting the sexual act and stated that he wanted a ‘happy ending,’” To top it all off, the dude didn’t even pay for his massage. I have a friend who’s a masseuse and although it doesn’t happen often there’s always some douche who thinks it’s appropriate to hit on their massage therapist.

I think one of the things most people have to keep in mind is that for some performers their porn persona is drastically different than their real life identity, so if you’re dating them in real life you should remember not to treat them like they’re in a porno.

[T]he Scrotum Beauty Pageant is apparently legit and he’s offering the bloke with the most terrific testes the chance to win ,000 (£6,543). But apparently, he’s totally serious – with a video confirming the competition will be taking place.

At the conclusion of the treatment, the man asked a masseuse for a “happy ending.” The employee, cops noted, was “unsure of what that meant,” so the suspect “made a stroking/masturbating motion with his hand near his genital area.” When a “happy ending” was not forthcoming, the man “got upset, put his clothes on” and walked into the lobby of the massage business.Be sure to vote for your favorite dating reality shows and vote down the dating shows you absolutely can't stand.Also, if you know of a reality dating show that's missing, add it to the list!Now you can’t watch a single dating show without hearing it come out of the mouth of someone who's had too much red wine.The best dating reality shows offer viewers the unique perspective of watching singles trying to find the perfect mate.

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If you want a happy ending so bad, make sure you’re going to a legit erotic massage parlor.

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